Addicted To Fried Food? We’ve Got A Solution



Sugar and dairy – not fried foods – have been linked to acne, but I can’t help but feel like a breakout is bubbling every time I eat a big, greasy meal. Not to mention that my mind starts racing at how painful the next day’s gym session is going to be. If you’re addicted to fried foods, however, there’s something you can do about it and it won’t be difficult! Or at least not as difficult as treating a sugar addition… (help me!!). Philips came out with an Airfryer, which I’ve been using for a few weeks and it’s awesome. It not only lets you cook your foods using less fat, it’s easy to use (it allows you to “set and forget” with a built in timer and adjustable temperature control). I’m a horrible cook and I have zero patience for it so the fact that this lets me just put in a piece of chicken or fish with very little oil, set a timer and that’s it, is so helpful – not to mention it’s a money saver since I would otherwise hit up Whole Foods for a piece of grilled salmon and veggies. While the Airfryer is billed as a way to make greasy foods like French fries using less oil you can actually grill, bake, and roast in addition to frying, all using a tablespoon or less of oil (which they say results in up to 75% less fat). I find that if I add herbs and spices to my food there isn’t a need to fry – grilling, roasting, baking and even steaming (which I do for my veggies in a separate steamer) makes totally delicious meals. When possible I always avoid store bought sauces in favor of herbs/spices, you can literally save yourself hundreds of calories and still have really flavorful and delicious food.

Circling back to the Airfryer, it comes in two sizes. I like the smaller one because it allows for portion control, but no matter which you opt for it’s designed with a suspended frying basket (it easily ‘clicks’ out) that allows excess fat to drain to the bottom of the pan away from the food during cooking (it’s also easy to clean and non-stick). The one caveat is that if you’re a stickler for an even crunch, you should check your food half way and either flip or give it a shake to ensure even cooking. The machine also isn’t silent so that’s something to consider if noise (think sleeping baby…) is an issue. Also be careful the first time you use it – even though your food won’t be oily it will be sizzling (literally) hot!

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