Stay in shape, even if it’s too cold to leave your house

Sure things like a Peloton bike would be great to keep up a workout routine come the cold winter months (or if you’re just plain too busy to hit the gym), but it’s insanely expensive and space consuming. The truth is we don’t need all that much to squeeze in a quick workout. For starters jumping rope is one of the best exercises to get your heart rate up and blast serious calories.

I especially love the Blizzard from Aerospace (this is the studio that models like Adriana Lima go to when they’re looking to get into Victoria’s Secret shape). At $34.99 it’s more expensive than most jump ropes, but it’s a lot more effective because it has weighted handles so you’re getting a great arm workout while you do cardio.

If you’re looking for something to complement your jump rope, Bec Donlan, a popular NYC-based trainer (she teaches at Bandier and Project by Equinox), just launched “I Get Around” travel kit ($85). It comes in three colorways and everything included has awesome, motivational branding. Besides a jump rope you’ll get an ab roller, microfibre sweat towel with zip pocket for cards, phone, keys, etc, 3 bootie bands, and a key tag.

The Stealth Core Trainer is another innovative, useful tool to have around. It’s basically a dynamic planking device/mobile game that focuses on dynamic planking positions through a responsive video game played on your phone… Basically you’re playing a video game to get your six pack.

All that said, I totally get that sometimes we need extra motivation and having home equipment just isn’t enough. In those situations I use fitness apps. There are SO many. Most of them I’ve found to be useless, but there are two in particular (both have free trials) that I love and don’t require any (or very minimal equipment): Kayla Itsines and Playbook (I love Melissa Wood). Or you could opt for streaming services like Tracy Anderson.

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