Aldo thinks it’s normal if their shoes cause bleeding and blisters

Or so I was told by a sales associate who informed me – after I complained – that it always happens. “You bleed and blister before the shoes become comfortable.” Needless to say just mentioning Aldo has me seeing red (literally and figuratively). Let me backtrack a bit.

A few weeks ago I was in Israel with my husband. He needed a pair of shoes for a last minute work meeting (he works between NY, TLV, and San Fran). I asked a friend where to go and she suggested Aldo. Seemed like a good enough bet (options for shopping are very limited in Israel). I went in with my husband and asked the sales person to give us a comfortable shoe that would be dressy enough for a work meeting – I made a point of saying they NEEDED to be SOFT. Not to say that all inexpensive shoes hurt, but I have slipped my feet into enough of them to know that they tend to be very hard. She assured us that this particular pair was going to be fine.

Fast forward the next day and my husband comes back from his meeting with his feet bleeding and covered in Bandaids…like 7 Bandaids. I was pissed. The following day I went back to the store and was like “Umm…you told me these were going to be comfortable!” To which the sales women said that it’s normal to bleed and blister when shoes are new. The only way to prevent this, she told me, is by buying Aldo Heel Cushions. She added that she has many Aldo shoes and that they always hurt if she doesn’t put these in.

So let me get this straight – Aldo makes shoes so painful that unless you spend money on their cushions, you’ll bleed? She said yes. “I’m going to be very pissed if I spend more money and these don’t help,” I said. She assured me they would help.

Well, you probably aren’t surprised to read that NO they did not help. The next day my husband wore the shoes again and didn’t even make it out of the building before coming back upstairs.

I went back to Aldo AGAIN. They told me there was nothing they can do. I called customer service who told me they would look into it. They got back to me and told me there is nothing they can do because I am the only one who has complained about this particular shoe. “Maybe your husband got the wrong shoe size,” they told me. Um my husband is 32 years old. I think he knows his shoe size.

I reached out to customer service and the PR department at Aldo in the US. I was curious to see if their policy was the same. While they acknowledged my complaint, I never heard back (after multiple followups).

Have you had this experience with Aldo men or women? Should I have expected that they would have such poor quality? Where do you shop for comfortable men’s shoes?

Hush Puppies!!! At least that was the answer I found after the horrible experience with Aldo. And as I recently discovered, Uggs.



  1. Kate
    December 7, 2017 / 10:27 pm

    THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME IN THE US! I brought the shoes back to the store in NC, and the sales associate told me it’s normal to bleed before you break your heels in. It’s bizarre that a) not only to they make a terrible product but b) they’re ok with it. That was the first and last time I have ever shopped at Aldo.

    • December 11, 2017 / 1:06 pm

      So frustrating! Just today I went to a shoe guy who is amazing – he told me that the pads they sold me would only make the blisters worse because they create more of a gap to rub between the sharp edge of the shoe and the foot..he’s trying to soften them with a hammer though he’s not sure there’s anything to be done..

    • Redness
      December 15, 2017 / 6:27 am

      Thank you for your warning. I won’t try shoes from Aldo, because it sounds too risky for me. I mostly buy shoes online and I don’t have any problems like that. I bought a replica of Gucci shoes (this one and although they’re pretty high, they’re really comfortable.

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