BabyFoot: A Super Effective (But Messy!) Chemical Peel For Your Feet

BabyFoot is an awesome (and totally weird…) product. However, while it’s effective it’s super, super messy. I’m talking you’ll look like you have molting feet for a week after you use it kind-of-messy. But the return is BIG if you have really rough skin. These will work magic like no pedicure ever will. It needs to be stressed again that you should’t use this product if anyone will be seeing your feet in the next week or so! They will look gross! This is definitely one of those it will look bad before it looks great situations. Originally from Japan the product is a foot exfoliant made with 17 types of natural extracts to get rid of dead skin cells and leave feet moisturized. Basically it’s a chemical peel for your feet (it has glycolic acid) and will help you get rid of LAYERS of skin.

So how does it work? Before using the product, soak your feet for about 15 minutes and wash them with soap. Dry them off and then slip into the included plastic booties which are lined with the actives. Leave them on for 60-90 minutes depending how rough your feet are. Your feet should look pretty much the same at this point. Soak them. Continue soaking them every day for the next week. The first two or three days you probably won’t notice anything but then you’ll suddenly notice skin starting to peel off when you soak your feet. This will continue for about a week. Keep soaking every day till the peeling stops and you have baby smooth feet!


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