Beauty products so clean you can eat (or drink…) them

Edible Beauty is a vegan skincare brand that believes in treating skin from the inside and outside (remember diet matters when it comes to skin health!), which is why in addition to serums and the like they make 11 tea blends. And, true to the name, you can “eat” everything they make. Not that you’d want to (even though we’re talking about ingredients like mango butter, strawberry extract, and radish root), but it’s nice to know it’s a brand not filled with a long list of chemical fillers (the line was developed by a naturopath and nutritionist).

All their teas are made from indigenous Australian ingredients and contain medicinal herbs. I know there is some debate as to how much effect tea can really have, but I’ve seen tremendous benefits in the past (particularly with Kusmi’s BB Detox) when it comes to my skin health. It’s also important to remember that water is crucial for healthy skin so if you’re someone who has a hard time drinking the recommended 2-3 liters a day, tea might be helpful. The ingredients here were picked to help not only nourish skin, but boost metabolism, increase sleep, or give energy (depending on the blend you opt for). These disposable tea filters are great for loose tea.

I’m trying to lose a few pounds that I’ve put on recently and one of the things I’ve found helpful is when a craving for something “bad” hits, I try to make myself a cup of tea (the more flavorful the better, which is why like filler-free tea blends like those from Edible Beauty). If after drinking the cup of tea I still can’t stop thinking about a sugar-y or carb-y treat, then I let myself have it. I’ve found it’s helpful to pre-make a large pitcher of iced tea (even though it’s winter!) because otherwise I’m sometimes tempted to give into laziness and skip the tea part… those sugar cravings are powerful!

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