Best products to fight heat-induced breakouts

Don’t be one of those people who don’t use sunscreen because you’re worried about clogging your pores and breaking out – I’ve been one of those people. Skin cancer is a serious risk and after seeing one of my best friends have a horrible scare it’s not a risk I take anymore. And through trial and error I’ve learned it’s not a risk you need to take if you use the right products. For starters only use sun care products that are oil-free if you’re prone to breaking out (a product that says “for acne” or “for sensitive skin” is not enough, it needs to say “oil-free”). Then make sure you’re taking proper precautions with your acne fighters (always layer these over your SPF), particularly if you’re working out or in any environment where you’ll be sweating a lot.

Not everything that works for one person will work for another, especially when it comes to breakouts, but I’ve been fighting for clear skin (and knock on wood am winning!) for years so I wanted to single out some products that have worked for me as the temperatures have been heating up.

One of the best buys is Peter Thomas Roth Acne System ($35). I love, love PTR. I find his products amazing for maintaining my skin clear. This starter kit is a great way to get a taste for his products and figure out what works best for you. After every workout I wash my face with a facial cleanser (no always the one in this kit, but it’s a good one) and then I wipe my face with one of the PTR correction pads. Then I layer on a moisturizing SPF (I love this one from Dermalogica – it’s a bit pricey at $52 because it’s small, but if you’ve been breaking out it’s worth trying… it absorbs quickly, leaves no shine and the bottle doesn’t drip).

SkinCeuticals Adult Anti-Acne System ($130) is another great kit to try. I like PTR better for maintaining clear skin, while SkinCeuticals is more a go-to if you’re looking to clear up your skin.

If you need to refresh your skin throughout the day, I would checkout Arcona TRIAD Pads To Go ($35). I find them less “harsh” than the PTR pads so they’re a good option to use sporadically throughout the day… just don’t forget to re-apply SPF if you’re out in the sun!

Model image: Vogue

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