comfortable everyday alternatives to flip-flops

I hate flip flops! My feet always end up dirty, they’re bad for your back and I don’t even think they’re that comfortable especially when considering the long-term damage they can do. Finding comfortable flats, however, can sometimes feel more difficult that finding comfortable heels. So often they leave me bleeding and blistery.

I swear by Soludos! My feet literally have a tan line because of their traditional espadrilles I’ve been wearing them that often. Many people don’t realize that Soludos has expanded with a slew of other shoe styles however (the top picture is their traditional style). Everything is well priced, super cute and so comfortable! It’s hard not to want everything on their website right now.

Even their slipper styles, which is a style I usually don’t find comfortable (I often end up with side blisters), are comfortable.

French Sole is another great option. In addition to fun, comfortable every day slippers (an example pictured above) they have the most adorable ballet flats. If you can’t afford Chanel, these are definitely the next best thing for a fraction of the price.

When price isn’t an object (they start at $680), you can always count on Hermes for butter soft leather flats!

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