Energy Drinks without nasty chemicals (and flavors) – sorry Red Bull

I don’t know how 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull are still a thing, at least for anyone post college age. They’re disgusting! And insanely unhealthy. I’ve never drank either of them because – health factors aside – they smell nauseating. That said I don’t know anyone who can’t use an energy boost whether for their early workout, to power through a late night at the office, or just to make it through their day. There are three amazing – and very different – brands that can do just that without nasty chemicals and even nastier flavors! 

I can’t do an early morning run without Eboost. They have a relatively long list of products now including green powder, probiotic, and protein but their two *star* products are POW (Tropical Punch is the best tasting in my opinion) and their Mind + Body Energizers (Pink Lemonade is my fave). POW is designed specifically to give you energy before a workout whereas the other one is designed to give you energy throughout your day, but I use both interchangeably depending on the flavor I’m in the mood for. If you go to boutique fitness studios like Barry’s Bootcamp you’ll see a lot of people drinking these (including the instructors). Just mix a pack with water and a lot of ice (trust me, it makes it taste a lot better). I find that just a few sips is enough to boost my energy (the first time I took I couldn’t sit still but that effect does wane a bit as you start to drink it more often). If you’re in a rush, skip the ice and mix it with just a bit of water and take it as an energy shot. Either way I find myself nearly instantly energized.

Revere is natural, plant-based, and their formulas come in ready-to-mix packets. They have a few different formulas which you can pick yourself or you can answer a short online questionnaire and they’ll send you a tailored “Revere Routine.” This particular brand is tailored specifically to workout-related energy so the packets you’ll be getting will be fitted to the exact amount of pre- and post-workout packets you need, dosed to your biometric data (age, weight, gender, etc.) and the kind of workouts you do (are you a runner, yoga enthusiast or bootcamp fanatic? Do you do cardio or strength specific workouts?), and you’ll get nutrition your muscles need to recover. They’re not delicious, but they’re drinkable, the key – like with Eboost – is a lot of ice!

If you’re not into energy packets, but instead rather get your energy from whole foods checkout Daily Harvest. Smoothies are a great option because unlike with juices you’re getting fiber which your body needs to boost digestion and keep you full longer. Researching, prepping, buying, and measuring the ingredients you need, however, is a pain and in my experience comes with a lot of waste. What this brand does is you go on their website and pick the exact smoothie you want (they give you info on benefits like workout recovery, energizing, cleansing, beautifying etc.) and they send you frozen cups with all the ingredients you need to make that particular smoothie. When it comes in the mail just pop the cups in the freezer. When you’re ready to make one, just blend it with a liquid (water, almond milk…) and that’s it!

The smoothies are my fave, but the brand now also makes ready-to-blend overnight oats, chia parfaits, soups, and sundaes – all of which are full of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and belly filling fiber, making them a great way to boost energy throughout the day.

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