Everything You Need To Know About Paris Fashion Week Beauty

Paris tends to be most people’s favorite of the major fashion weeks because it’s not quite as commercial as New York, but not quite as enveloping pushing (read: hard to wear) as London. Beauty follows suit. The Fall 2017 collections brought with them a memorable mix of inspiring trends we’ll want to emulate and ones that were pure entertainment. Here’s a look at the ones not to miss!

Thin Braids

Details at Valentino RTW Fall 2017


Braids continued to have a strong presence in Paris, but Valentino managed to work them into their collection in an unexpected way. Personally I find the look a little too juvenile for my taste, but if I had a daughter I’d love to style her hair this way!

Logo Manicures



Balenciaga took a cue from Gucci in the 90s and slapped models’ nails with logo manicures. I love this idea for a work event… I would totally put my company’s logo on my nails to promote them! Or maybe my new initials for my engagement party…

Garbage Hair Accessories 



Of course Vivienne Westwood had garbage-inspired hair accessories!

Bleeding Lips

Backstage at Giambattista Valli RTW Fall 2017


The full, high-gloss, super-saturated lips at Giambattista Valli were pure perfection. It looked as though the gloss was about to drip off the models lips, which may not translate well into real life but worked perfectly to complement Valli’s luxurious collection.

Graphic Liner

Backstage at Mugler RTW Fall 2017


Inspired by the shoulder pads in the Mugler collection models’ had a line that was angled down on one side drawn between their eyelids and brows. Again not something that would work great in real life but made for a memorable runway statement.

Over-The-Ear Hairbands 

Details at Chanel RTW Fall 2017


Chanel sent models down their runway with hairbands that covered the models’ forehead and ears – looks like a glam way to stay warm to me!

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