If you often find yourself having bad hair days, you just might be in luck. The Paris runways were full of head coverings (though it’s debatable how attractive they were…). Natural, Parisian-inspired looks as well as bold colors (particular with lips and eye liner) were also among the big trends this season. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most memorable looks!

It might seem glamorous to be a model, but can you imagine coming home and washing all of this off!? Kudos to Giambattista Valli for going all out though with glitter “masks.” The makeup somehow didn’t distract from his frilly, totally gorgeous frocks and may well be one of the month’s most memorable beauty looks.

The classic effortless beauty look at Hermes.

Valentino was all about soft, wispy, low ponytails. It’s a beautifully ethereal and romantic look and the perfect complement to bold jewelry.

Also at Valentino – head scarves. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time in Israel now, but I’m not into Hasidic-inspired chic.

The covered eye look, as seen here at Givenchy, is undeniably sexy, but am I the only one who gets headaches when hair is in my face?

Androgyny was the name of the game at Balenciaga where there were head scarves and short hair cuts aplenty.

Bright eye liner in a rainbow of shades at Dior. This is a look that could work surprisingly well in real life as long as lips and lashes are kept bare. 

Blue lipstick on the other hand… a little harder to make a case for! Maison Margiela was also on trend this season with head coverings, though it’s a staple on the brand’s runways in one form or another.

Images: Vogue 

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