Fall Hair Trend: Hair Accents

“There have been lots of advances in temporary hair color in the past year or so, and this means it is easier than ever to place a color “accent” in your hair without the worry of how to wash it out or damaging your hair,” says ARTIS founder and former MAC Senior Executive, Matthew Waitesmith. “We will see singular streaks of color mostly placed beside the face, in all sorts of color families. Some may look like they could be naturally occurring, while others are just to catch your eye and celebrate your colorful personality.”

What I love about this trend is that you can be as bold or subtle as you like while still being out of the box (see below and above for each side of the spectrum). Better yet, you can coordinate with your outfit for a true head to toe look. Streaks are also a way to add shine and radiance to otherwise dull hair and many experts say it makes hair look fuller.

If your aim is a natural look, Schwarzkopf’s hair experts note that streaks look best if they are no more than two or three nuances lighter or darker as the rest of the hair. “Streaks in several nuances of a shade create the appearance of hair after vacations in the summer sun. The sun bleaches individual strands of hair to varying degrees. It is possible to mimic this effect by setting beach streaks. For naturally blonde hair this works especially well by setting streaks in the colors of honey, apricots or sand. Chocolate brown, caramel, and mocha are ideal streak shades to create this effect in brown hair.
If, on the other hand, you want something that boldly stands out – like the blue above – Schwarzkopf’s experts recommend something simple, mascara! “Apply blue mascara, for example, to your hair to test whether blue streaks in your hair suit your style and taste.” Who knew we’d potentially be turning our hair into an (albeit temporary) art project this fall! 

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