The fitness-wear trends you need to know about

Out-of-the-box prints are in
Forget your basic stripes and color-blocking, if you’re going to go for prints, go wild. The best brand for this is Goldsheep. What I like about them is that they not only offer a HUGE selection of prints (made to order in LA!), but they come in micro and macro options (see above), so you can pick what you feel most comfortable in. I also found that they’re way more flattering than competitors like Terez.
If you’re going monochrome, go for matching sets (and forget black!)
ASOS recently launched their own activewear line, called ASOS 4505, and as far as affordable buys – it can’t be beat! There are a ton of pieces under $20 (for men and women) and they fit great. The standouts are their matching bra and legging monochrome sets, which is a huge trend right now. Not only is ASOS cheaper (the above is just $72 for both pieces), but it fits better and washes better than competitors like Touché LA. I had a red Touché LA set and I washed it COLD literally 4 or 5 times and each time color leaked out so I threw the set away because I was sick of it turning my whites pink and I didn’t want to run the machine just for one outfit.
Scalloped edge pieces 
The above piece from Chill by Will actually combines two trends in one: scalloped edges and ballet-inspired ties. L’Urv also is coming out with items that fit this trend. I haven’t tried anything from either line so I can’t speak to fit, but note that the sizing for Chill by Will is 0-4 so check their size chart if you’re ordering!
Knotted bow details with peep holes
This is such a great trend if you live near a beach. You can literally wear a top like the one above from Free People to workout and then jump straight in the water. There’s so much Instagram buzz around Free People. The above top is the only thing I’ve tried from them so far but I love it! It’s comfortable and fits well (important, especially when there is any kind of “hole” situation!) and it’s a lot more affordable than competitors like Beachriot (also more flattering/easy to pull off in my opinion – especially if you’re not totally flat chested).
Functional velvet
Alala is my favorite activewear brand. I could literally be happy working out in just their pieces every day (and I often wear their separates as regular clothing). They’re always innovating and are truly as fashionable as they are functional. Case and point their functional velvet pieces. Velvet is huge and they’ve found a way to go beyond outerwear/to and from pieces and actually incorporate it into leggings, like the ones above, that you can seriously sweat in! Their velvet pieces also wash really well – just make sure to wash them inside out so lint doesn’t stick.

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