Here’s what you should stock in your kitchen to encourage healthy eating

As the temperatures begin to drop it gets harder and harder for many of us to be mindful about what we’re eating. I usually workout in a sports bra in the summer, but now that it’s fall I’ve already started to cover up… meaning if I’m debating whether or not I should reach for that second serving of chocolate cake the night before my morning run, I usually opt for YES right about now! Come Thanksgiving and holiday festivities things only get more challenging. Even if I’m OD’ing on sweets and bread (my two vices!) I try to make sure I don’t go a day without getting a good helping of fresh produce.

Here are a few kitchen items I find very useful to help me stay on track.

I love Kuhn Rikon! They make so many awesome looking products to make healthy eating easier and their prices are affordable. The key, I find, is to have healthy foods readily available. If I come home starving and there are no pre-cut veggies or fruit in my fridge, I’ll totally reach for a chocolate bar. They say you lose some nutrients if you pre-cut your produce and leave them sitting in your fridge, but if you’re more likely to eat fruits and veggies if they’re precut..who cares! Losing a few nutrients is worth it if the alternative is chocolate! To that end the brand makes a ton of products to easily cut fresh produce like this, as well as very sharp knives, spiralizers that don’t take much room, and they also have great non-stick pans if you want to roast veggies with minimal-to-no fat. Their products hold up after many washes too.

No matter how seriously you take your cooking, Le Creuset is a brand you want to invest in. Their products quality-wise are incomparable to anything else. Something many people don’t know is that they sometimes go on sale! So keep a lookout on their website. If you want to limit yourself to one item you should consider one of their Dutch Ovens. These are basically large, heavy pots you can use on either your stovetop or in your oven. They’re especially great for fall for making “set it and forget it” slow-simmered soups and braises.

If you have the budget, their non-stick cookware is also fantastic. Unlike less expensive options you don’t need to worry about unsafe flaking or peeling (though it will scratch if you use a fork, for example, to mix…so be careful!) and if you use the lid you can roast veggies and lean protein in mere minutes.

CRUX Kitchen makes a long list of gadgets like slow cookers, choppers, skillets, etc., but a standout for those that have a weakness for anything fried is the CRUX 2.2 Pound Air Fryer. You can fry anything  – including potatoes to make french fries – using little to no oil!

Like Crux, BELLA Housewares has a bunch of reasonably priced good finds. They’re well known for their spiralizers like the BELLA Automatic Electric Spiralizer, which is a great option if you have a spacious kitchen (if not I’d opt for the aforementioned Kuhn Rikon one). A product I really love is their 2-Slice Black Stainless Steel Digital Toaster. What’s great about it is that it has extra wide slots so you can make healthy bread alternatives like sweet potato “toast.” It also has a frozen setting and there’s a slide-out crumb tray to make cleaning easy.

Their Rotating Waffle Maker is also worth checking out. One of my favorite healthy things to make is an F-Factor waffle or pancake. They’re high in fiber and low in carbs and calories and super easy to make. I top mine with high fiber syrup. This option from Sukrin (nutritionists approved), is low in calories and carbs, while being insanely high in fiber (100% DV and only 3 grams of sugar per serving!).

Messiness is a big factor that stops people from getting their hands in the kitchen, which is why I love Dreamfarm. They make a bunch of reasonably priced, innovative products like these kitchen tools that do things like sit head up so there’s no dripping or a spatula that can be used for chopping on its side!

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  1. Lynn T
    November 11, 2017 / 4:43 pm

    I been eyeing an air fryer for a long time hope I can find one on sale this holiday

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