Your Home Is About To Get A Serious Upgrade

With apartments in New York and Tel Aviv I’ve become a West Elm kind of gal. Money that might have before gone towards upgrading furniture is now spend on plane tickets every four weeks… that said, there are two lines that I think are worth singling out. First up, Gucci Décor.

The line will hit next month and includes cushions, candles, incense trays, chairs, screens, wallpaper, metal trays, and metal folding tables. Start saving up for “forever pieces”! Prices are not mild, as I’m sure you already guessed. They start at about $190 for the candles and incense trays and go up to about $30,000 for silk screens. I opted against doing a registry for my wedding, but the above (awesome but yet kind of heinous!) pillows almost make we wish I hadn’t! So uniquely fabulous.

A good deal more affordable is Lululemon x Pottery Barn. The collection is part of PBteen (Pottery Barn’s teen line) and Lululemon’s youth brand, ivivva. Clearly a different demo, but there are nonetheless a number of cute items in the 40-piece lineup, even for adults, and none will leave you running to the ATM. I love this storage mirror ($129) and their painted hooks ($49) and small touches like these (along with a Gucci pillow or two…) can make as much of a difference when it comes to updating a room as a new couch or coffee table.

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