Instagram Photo? Hermes Scarf? The Best Online Framing Service Is Framebridge



For the most part framing is either super cheap and sloppy (think DIY jobs at Bed, Bath and Beyond) or cost prohibitively expensive for a custom project. Leave it to the internet to serve as an equalizer. Framebridge is a relatively new website that lets you custom frame anything! Instagram photo? No problem. Hermes scarf? No problem. Of course photographs and art works go without saying. The kicker here is that every frame is cut just for the item you want to frame – nothing is off the shelf and an actual designer looks out for your work from start to finish. Nothing is priced over $159 (shipping is always free). Heights and widths can go up to 41+.

How does it work? Pick the style of frame you want, mail in what you want framed, and just wait for your piece to arrive. They also let you send digital files from your iPhone, which I did and unlike other services (I’ve used Picstagram a lot) the qualities is actually great and you don’t get just a cheap looking black frame (not surprised Picstagram went out of business, but at the time it was the only game in town for me to print out my Instagram shots framed!). A printed and framed Instagram image is $39 at Framebridge (Prinstagram was $60…).

I have no idea if these affordable prices mean that the company isn’t profitable, but since they just closed a second round of founding with an added $9 million to their $7.7 million Series A, I think it’s fair to say they’ll be around to service our framing needs for the foreseeable future.

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