Latest Korean beauty must-haves

Korean beauty, for the most part, follows the “more is more” philosophy, which is exactly the opposite of what I have found works for me (especially when it comes to managing breakouts). I’ll never do a 12-step or even 6-step night-time skincare regimen, but I love working Korean beauty products into my routine (especially their face masks!). They are simply unparalleled when it comes to innovation and you can often find ingredients that aren’t available in your typical Sephora products.

Krave is the first line worth singling out. It was started by a very popular Korean YouTube star and the premise is actually to use less products. Many of the products in the just-launched range were designed to counteract damage from overusing too many products/strong actives, commonly found in Korean beauty products.

What’s so awesome about Peach & Lily Face Blanket ($12) is that it’s super-adhesive – you can sleep or even do a low impact workout and this thing won’t move!

Squalane oil is an it oil that many editors swear by. I am too acne-prone to experiment with it (or any face oil…), but the basics is that unlike with our diet when it comes to face oils we actually want saturated fats. The same things that make them bad for our health make them good for anti-aging – they’re very stable and resistant to free radicals. This fluid oil ($42) is 100% squalane and squalane is 100% saturated oil..

When it comes to beating bacne it doesn’t get more effective than Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray ($40) – I wouldn’t go workout without this in my gym bag! If you’re looking to double up and use something in shower, however, you might want to consider The Wish Formula C200 Bubble Peeling Pad ($7). It is expensive – that $7 is for one-time use – but if you’re already broken out this unique bubbling pad formulated with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and AHA will help exfoliate. Once the situation is under control Murad should help prevent any future outbreaks.

We always hear about the mineral-packed dead sea mud, but South Korea’s Jeju Island volcanic ash creates its own mineral-rich soil and now you can get it bottled up ($18.90)!

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