Love The Smell of Donuts? Macarons? There are now “cheat day” scented hair ties

I love invisibobble. Since I first got them, they’re all I use. They keep my hair in place – even during intense workouts – without leaving a mark. They’re also more comfortable and don’t seem to “pull” at my hairline. I don’t really get why they claim to be “undetectable” though …they’re pretty conspicuous! That said, they work and I don’t mind that you can see what’s holding up my bun. In a twist the brand just launched a Cheatday Collection made up of four scented hair ties (with colors to match): Cookie Dough Craving, Donut Cream, Crazy for Chocolate, and Macaron Mayhem. I have a bad habit of washing my hair every day (not shampoo’ing, but conditioning) so I’d like to think my hair always smells great! For days where maybe it smells less than stellar, however, I can see something like this being a pretty genius hack. That said I don’t know that I love the idea of my hair smelling like donuts! For little girls, however, this is adorable!

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