Manna Bread Is Actually a Good-for-you bread (and it tastes great!!)

I could eat a whole loaf of bread for dinner. Plain. I love bread so much I don’t even need a sandwich. Unfortunately as one might imagine, you don’t feel fantastic after having bread for dinner so my interest was peaked when I saw a clip from Dr. Oz where he spoke about the amazing health benefits – and great taste of manna bread. He’s right.

The leader in the space, Manna Organic, makes these delicious organic, yeast-free, salt-free, oil-free, sweetener-free, preservative-free, flour-free, kosher and sprouted breads. And yes, despite all those frees they taste great. In fact, they taste super indulgent like a dense, gooey muffin. I already wrote about how beneficial for digestion sprouting can be and the same applies to the grains that go into these breads. They are super easy to digest and very filling so you actually won’t be able to eat a whole loaf (at least in my experience).

They can double as a dessert because of their consistency and because many of them are made with dried no-sugar-added fruits (despite low sugar, some of the loaves have a sweet taste). I think they taste best on their own but Manna Organic also makes some amazing sprouted nut butters (I prefer to eat those with green apples…or out of the jar). Again these nut butters are sprouted making them not only more nutritious than traditional ones, but easier on your body to digest.

The breads are shockingly well priced given the high quality ingredients and that they’re made in small batches by hand. One loaf is just $4. While the breads are not necessarily lower in calories than traditional ones they don’t fill your body with empty calories. You’re getting fiber, protein and nutrients. Most conventional breads don’t offer anything and are loaded in added sugars and salt!


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