How to pamper your feet before summer season

Feet should be maintained year-round, but especially come summer when they’re out in the open. Flip-flops are horrible for feet and heels aren’t great either as both contribute to “rough” edges, but obviously we can’t spend all day in sneakers. Still Standing is a great way to be proactively preventative. It works to prevent swelling and soothes feet with a mix of arnica, aloe, and menthol.  Just spray top, sides and entire sole of the foot before stepping into shoes. It won’t totally preventative discomfort, but it will certainly help delay it. Also it feels really nice on a hot day!

For when damage is done, but also just as a regular preventative treatment there are two great products that work hand in hand. First soak your feet in Weleda Pampering Body and Beauty Oil (smells so good!) and then scrub them with Ivory Duo Refreshing Clean Dual-Sided Body Cleanser. I love that you can control the “roughness” of the scrub with how much water you let the sponge soak up. I’ve been doing this literally every day. I soak my feet while I answer emails on my phone and then scrub them in the shower.

As a final step, compression socks are amazing. I recently wrote about them and now I’ve come across a next level brand that adds hydration into the mix! Just wear these medical grade ones from Skineez instead of house shoes when you’re lounging about.

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