Pamper your mother this mother’s day with these wellness finds

There’s no better gift than that of health. I always tell my mother she needs to take care of herself because I can’t survive without her! Like many mothers she always puts herself last. While I can’t force her to eat healthy or workout I can make it more appealing. Here are some wellness-related ways to pamper mom this Mother’s Day! Or really any day… I know for a fact the best gift is telling mom you love her often.
You have to feel good to have a good workout. I know some people disagree with this and are totally cool with working out in Dad’s old shirt, but I always tell those people try wearing an outfit you actually love once and see how you feel. There are so many mornings I don’t love the way I look physically, putting on an outfit I can feel confident in allows me to focus on exercising and not obsessing about how I look in the mirror. A new favorite brand I love and I’ve seen women of all sizes rock – including pregnant women – is L’Urv. Their quality feels luxury, but their prices are moderate.
2(x)ist is another great fashion find especially if you’re trying to build mom a whole workout wardrobe. They have a ton of pieces on sale for as little as $20 so you can buy mom outfits to wear all week.
T-fal Advanced with Titanium Advanced Non-Stick Cookware ($103) just might be the 12-piece set mom needs to get into the idea of whipping herself up healthy meals. Non-stick coatings are notoriously dangerous if they get scratched (because they release chemicals that get into your food), these are designed to be durable and they also have a patented technology that indicates when the pan is perfectly pre-heated to seal in flavor! Here’s to trying to cook with little to no oil…
In line with what I was talking about before with the importance of loving what you’re wearing when you’re working out – how adorable is this gym bag from Tobi? Tobi makes a bunch of great pieces to wear to and from the gym as well as ones you could wear to barre/dance type classes and again prices here are affordable enough that you could build a whole wardrobe for mom.
Help mom keep chemicals out of her beauty products with brands like SteelMclean, which recently launched their tightly edited collection of high performance products. Everything is alcohol, paraben, and sodium chloride-free and while the focus is on hair products, the standout is actually Sport Culture ($25) a great 2-in-1 post workout face/body cleanser.

Another essential for helping mom fill her gym bag this Mother’s Day – deodorant of course! This could be a weird gift on its own so I would pair a natural one like this Charcoal Deodorant from Primally Pure Skincare with some of the brand’s other products and pick out a nice beauty bag to gift it in. This particular deodorant is a great pick because it’s effective even for working out without being full of potentially damaging chemicals.

Post workout there’s nothing more relaxing than a good scrub or, if it’s your thing, bath soak. Scrubbing in the shower or scrubbing and jumping in the bath to stimulate circulation and relax tired legs is also effective for helping to stick with a workout routine. Give mom the ultimate scrub with Bella Schneider Beauty Gold GlowScrub ($42)… it’s infused with champagne and pearl powder (which is mineral-rich)!

What mom doesn’t love something personalized with a picture of her family. makes it a little easier than competitors like Snapfish for some Moms who aren’t all that tech savvy because you can just email in your photos to and they’ll email it back to you near instantly previewed on all of their products. Mom can do it on her own or you can get her a cute tag of you and her for her gym bag:)

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