Ripped Workout Leggings Need To Go Away

Ripped, slit, and/or shredded workout leggings have become a huge – and hugely unfortunate – trend. Not everything needs to be translated so literally from ready-to-wear! They’re also insanely uncomfortable if you’re doing a high impact workout. Or worse, they can be dangerous if one of the strings get stuck on, for example, a velcro strap from a piece of workout equipment. Plus, they can make for seriously unfortunate tan lines if you workout outdoors and they limit the exercises you can do because it will be painful – even if you use a mat – to do any exercises that involve being on your knees. No Tracy Anderson with these!

And this is before we get to price. Can you believe that the above leggings are $107!!

The above ones from Free People are arguably even worse.

The only acceptable pair I could find were the above ones from SweatyRocks. Why these? Because they’re less than $10

If you really want to workout with a “hole” go for something functional like the below Alala cut-out bra – streamlined, stylish, and the hole provides ventilation without any possibly danger or discomfort.

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