Sweat activated skincare is now thing

We’ve always been told to wash our faces after a sweat session and that is very important, but it’s also important to wash our faces before. Why? The last thing you want, especially if you have sensitive skin, is dirt, oil and other grime being pushed into skin every time you towel off your face (in any case make sure that when you towel off you’re padding NOT wiping! This will prevent the grime on your face from being “pushed” into skin). In tandem with that there’s a new category of pre-workout products starting to generate buzz – so yes, it’s time to create a pre-workout beauty routine!

I’m referring to products like Ignite Intense Coconut Sweat Activating Gel ($25). Basically what these do is two fold. First they help increase circulation to the areas where they are applied which in turn should help make workout recovery easier. Second, this increase in circulation helps generate heat which in turn converts to sweat. Basically these products are portable saunas and sweating promotes calorie burn. There are a few of these starting to hit the market (checkout this for more information), Ignite in particular is a moisturizing balm/butter meant for your torso, legs, arms or whatever area you’re targeting in your workout. Just apply it before you hit the gym and you should experience better blood flow and more sweat – but it’s not a miracle cure and it’s certainly not a replacement for an intense workout; it’s a complimentary product. What I like about these types of products is that they’re preventative rather than treatments. I never really loved the feeling of recovery gels.

In any case you’ll want to shower right after your workout if you’re using a balm like Intense and if you really don’t have time to cleanse skin before working out it’s all the more important to immediately cleanse and chemically exfoliate your face (I love FAB cleanser and glycolic pads for this). No one should breakout just because they’re working out!

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