Uggs are stylish again (seriously!)

Margot Robbie, Rihanna, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…these are just a few of the many celebrities that have been spotted wearing UGGs lately. I was stunned a few months ago when I went to their website and saw how many stylish models the brand now makes. I never got over my love of the Classic style, I just stopped wearing them because they weren’t waterproof and would always end up getting destroyed by snow, rain, and salt-covered NYC streets; now there are a long list of waterproof styles along with heeled versions, super adorable slippers, limited edition collaborations (like the ones with Jeremy Scott), and even cashmere styles.

One note of caution…I recently made the mistake for opting for a pair of classic UGGs in black and they turned my feet black! Like so black that I had to get a pedicure the next day because I couldn’t get the color off my feet (I wear them barefoot) – so don’t opt for a dark color unless you wear yours with socks. I’d personally opt for these two adorable pairs – Bailey Bow II, Gita …the style Rosie is wearing above isn’t bad either and nearly 50% off at the moment! It’s also worth singling out that the men’s shoes are looking great as well. It isn’t easy finding comfortable, all-weather shoes that you aren’t embarrassing to wear out in public, so these seem like a no-brainer (including to and from work styles!).

Image: People

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