A workout circuit you can do while pregnant

I love Tracy Anderson. One of the things she did that I found particularly inspiring is that she filmed a workout DVD for each month she was pregnant so that women would have someone they could relate to as they try to stay in shape while pregnant. Leah Kitching, founder of Studio Elevate in Los Angeles, is another entrepreneur who shows us that staying in shape and running a business is not incongruent with having a baby. In fact as you can see in the images below she works out with her baby in arms length!
I asked Leah to put together a special workout circuit any pregnant mother could safely do (assuming you have the OK from your doctor to exercise). She suggests doing three rounds of this circuit. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and rest when needed!
Plank With Knee Taps
Hold a plank position on the hands or elbows. Without breaking plank, bend one knee down to touch the ground, then press back up. Do the other side. Try to do 5 knee taps on each side.
Bungee Kicks
Come onto all fours. Bend one leg to 90 degrees like your kicking up to the sky. Keep the hips leveled. Pulse the leg up for a count of 10, then extend it straight behind for another pulse for 10. Switch sides.
Wall Sit
Bring your back against a wall, sit down until your knees are stacked over your ankles. Time yourself and try to hold for 1 minute. For more of a challenge peel the heels up and down an inch without moving anything else.
Side Plank Hip Lifts
Drop to one elbow and stack the knees (or feet for more of a challenge). Press the body away from the ground so there is no pressure in the shoulder, then pulse the hips up for 10 reps. Switch sides.

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