Sotheby’s Hermès Auction: The Art Of Collecting

When it comes to jumpstarting your bag addiction (I mean, collection) there’s no better place to start than with an investment piece. Hermès bags have been likened to art by some, and are considered an even better investment than real estate by others. And you can’t hang a painting on your arm – or can you?! Consider this: 15 years ago a 30cm leather Birkin sold for $5,800. That same bag is now worth $12,000. You do the math.

Even if you’ve got an unlimited budget, these bags are so tough to procure that it’s sometimes better to buy vintage! When you’re buying vintage the most important piece of advice that I can give is to only purchase from a trusted source. Sotheby’s latest bag auction offers just that.


Scroll down for my 10 most collectable picks that are worthy of your investment!

Hermès Blue Sapphire Box Leather Medor Clutch

This is my all-time favorite Hermès clutch and has been discontinued for years. The rich blue sapphire color is so chic. Depending on the lighting it can look midnight blue or black, and it’s versatile enough to carry from day to night. Jump on this one now – it’s valued at more than the current bid!

Hermès “One Two Three and Away We Go” Limited Edition Birkin 25cm Palladium Hardware

For the bag snob who has it all, this rare collector’s bag is a must have. It is the ultimate arm candy and is literally a piece of art, designed by British artist Nigel Peake. Rest assured that the value of this ultimate army candy will only increase given its rarity.

One of the rarest Hermès bags, there’s not a piece that’s much more divine than this! This picnic Kelly is particularly special because it’s finished with Barenia, the original untreated saddle leather.

Hermès Rose Pourpre Swift Mini Kelly Pochette

Not only is this vibrant bag a collection-worthy piece, the price makes it an absolute must-bid! Rose poupre is one of the best hues ever created, and it is completely sophisticated.

Get ready for a shock, because the retail value of this bag is well over $50,000. Considering its value and current bid, it’s a total bargain and its value will only increase as time goes on. In terms of investment, this one is a total home run.

This clutch is a classic! I love the flatness of the original envelope shape. It’s easy to pack and use. Plus, at the current price it’s a fraction of its current retail value.

Hermès Vert Anis Lizard Mini Kelly Pochette

This mini is a rare collectable! The lizard was actually discontinued for awhile at Hermès and this green is just the perfect color to elevate any ensemble.

Hermès SO “Horseshoe” Gris Tourterelle and Etoupe Togo Retourne Kelly 25cm

I love the soft taupe of this Kelly – and it’s neutral enough that you can literally wear it with any outfit! Not only is it a great investment (it’s a special order Hermès) for the price, you’re going to get a ton of use from this bag.

Hermès “Lettre Au Carre” Capucine/Indigo/Black Toile de Camp Kelly Retourne 28cm

This limited edition piece is lined in black leather, and its pattern is more versatile than it looks at first glance. Pair it with a summer-white ensemble for a preppy look or wear it with a print for a mixed-pattern vibe.

Hermès Blue Electric Shiny Alligator Mini Constance 18cm Palladium Hardware

Easy to take on the go, the shocking blue of this shiny alligator paired with its bright hardware is a real treat for the senses. A rare color and material, this is a wonderful piece for any collection.


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