A 10-Minute Power Workout You Can Do At Your Desk

Working out at your desk isn’t ideal, but if it’s all you can squeeze in, it’s all you can squeeze in! You’d actually be surprised at how much you can accomplish with a simple chair. We spoke with Adam Sanford, founder and CEO of Adam Sanford Fitness, and asked him to outline a quick lower body workout designed for the office that will burn calories, torch fat, and get your heart rate up.

Do each of these moves the recommended amounts of times, taking as little rest as possible before moving onto the next move.

Chair Squat with Leg Extension 


Start pushing you hips back, bend the knees and gently tap the chair. Keep your weigh in the heels and chest upright and open. As you come up drive yours heels into the floor lengthening up and out of your waste. When you are almost to starting point extend one leg out to the side keeping the toes facing front. Squeeze your glutes and abductors.  30 seconds on the right. 30 seconds on the left. This will get your heart rate up.

Split Lungeimage002

Start with the right foot forward. The weight is in the front heel and the front and back leg are at a 90 degree angle. Think of tapping the back knee down to touch the floor. Lengthen up, driving the heel in the floor, squeezing your glute and hamstring. Remember to keep the abs engaged for stability. 30 seconds on the right, then repeat on the left.

Single Leg Squatimage003

Step the right for forwards as you tap the left toe on top seat of the chair. Bend your front leg as you press into the front foot. Make sure your knee is directly of the ankle and track over you toes. Extend the front leg and push the floor away from you with your front heel. Repeat for 30 seconds on the right, then repeat on the left.

Single Leg Chair Sit

Engage your abs and balance on one foot. By pushing your hips back slowly sit in the chair. Pressing into the front foot push your body up off the chair lengthening all the way up. 30 seconds on the right the repeat 30 seconds on the left.

Toe Tap Reverse Kick image005

Tap your right to gentle on the chair. Pull you belly button to spine and slowly start to bring your torso forward. As you do this start to extend the right leg to the back, keeping the knee and toe parallel to the floor. From the side you should loot like a giant T. Slowly com up and repeat. 30 seconds on the right and 30 seconds on the left side.

Curtsy Lunge to Side Kick


Keeping your chest up, cross your right food behind your left. Driving the weigh into the front foot while pushing the floor away from you, come up and kick the right leg straight pout to the side. Engage you supporting leg and engage your glute and outer thigh. Go for 30 seconds on the right and repeat on the left.

Squat to Heel Kick


Squat low starting by moving your hips back. Sit low keeping you chest up. power up through the floor and jump As you reach the highest point, use your adductors to squeeze your legs together clicking you heels. Land softly back to your squat. 30 seconds total.

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