I've been a little on edge lately because my boyfriend is moving into my apartment next week! If you can imagine my apartment is a mess of clothes, shoes, magazines, and beauty products and I have no excuse for the chaos of stuff because I have 2 huge closets in my bedroom and one in …

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I made the most amazing discovery when I was out in the Hamptons the other weekend. I was at this club Dune which is one of the hottest spots out there (Memorial Weekend I spotted Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli!), and I'm sitting at this table when next to me one of my girlfriends busts …

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Roland Mouret famously lost the rights to use his own name a few

years ago when he parted with his financial backers.  But clever devil

he is (who else knows how to wrap a woman as sensuously as he does?),

he came out with RM by Roland Mouret.  The line is a mouthwatering

glamfest of …

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