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Believe it or not one of the world’s most renowned facialists – her clients include models like Irina Shayk, Naomi Campbell, Sara Sampaio, and Alessandra Ambrosio – is located in Israel! Not only that, she’s not even in Tel Aviv! She’s in a pretty random suburb (at least given her status as a luxury facialist), called Petah Tikva. Her name is Mimi Luzon. She travels around the world, however, giving people her signature 24-karat gold facial which involves placing glimmering foil, as seen above, on your face.

If you can’t catch her in Israel or when she’s traveling she launched an at-home version of the uber luxe brightening gold mask, along with 24K Pure Gold Eye Treatment (under-eye patches), 24K Pure Gold Dust (loose gold leaf flakes that you add to your treatment cream or moisturizer for a skin-brightening effect), and Wonder Mask (a silver mask which is meant to help mitigate redness, breakouts, and inflammation). She also has a variety of other products including popular Vitamin C treatment ones.

Note, these products don’t come cheap! The masks are $299 (four treatments). A facial in her Israel location is 450NIS (about $130). Since I’m getting married in Israel, I for one know where I’ll be a few days before the wedding!

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