A 3-1 oddball razor you’ve got to see

Though there are a number of brands working to make razors more affordable (billie is my favorite), there hasn’t been much in the way of innovation in seemingly forever. Sphynx Razor is changing that with their seriously awesome, portable razors. The razors aren’t designed for a full shave, but instead they’re designed to help you shave those spots you miss and only notice when you’re in – for example – your workout class and see a big patch of hair.

The pods come with water (well you put in the water, but there’s a container for it), organic non-stick soap, and a blade. You just switch a dial to switch from the water compartment, soap, and blade. There have been so many times I’ve noticed patches of hair that I don’t understand how I missed in the shower and it’s so embarrassing at the gym! (though I bet no one notices/cares, it makes me self-conscious). I keep Sphynx with me in my gym bag at all times. Checkout the line here!

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