3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Second OMG Pouch, Sexy Wallet, and Cash Only Crossbody: Word Up

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Second OMG Pouch, Sexy Wallet, and Cash Only Crossbody

The king of streetwear reigns on. In the time of hashtags galore, endless abbreviations, and tweets and retweets, Phillip Lim is leading the pack once again, thanks to his new trio of bags that are as much a commentary on our current culture as they are comment-worthy.

Why not wear your heart on your clutch? Well, if wearing your heart is too much to bare, why not keep it light with your personal preference of currency? The Sexy mini zip-around wallet is ideal for the modern jet-setter who can’t keep her dollars, pounds, and Euros straight, while the 31 Second pouch is sure to come in handy when it speaks for you next time you’re shocked, surprised, or simply taken aback! Finally, the Cash Only crossbody is strictly for those with a strong sense of humor. Sure, we all love cash, but only girls with a Lim-level cheekiness about them will be able to work this the way it’s meant to be worn. One thing is for certain: It’s only a matter of time before these are the subjects of countless street-style snaps. 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Second OMG pouch, $275; Sexy mini zip-around wallet, $225; and Cash Only crossbody bag, $595, all available on Shopbop.

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