5 Essentials Bags for Jane Birkin (and the Rest of Us Wannabes)

5 Essentials Bags for Jane Birkin

Obsessed with Jane Birkin? I’m talking the person, not the bag. I am, and there’s no shame in it. For over half a century, she’s dressed to please herself, without giving a thought to what’s current. In the process, she’s launched countless trends.

A useful basket as a bag? Sure! Why not? But other than the Birkin, aka the holy grail of all bags, what did Jane carry back in the day? Now that she’s auctioned off her three of her four Birkins for charity, we think it’s time for her to have a bag overhaul. With a fondness for keeping her stash simple (and adorning her carrier of choice in stickers and talismans), Jane doesn’t believe in having more than one bag at once. But perhaps we can convince her to have one of each essential?

1. Travel: Givenchy Antigona Large Shopping Tote
Jane complained that her Hermès HAC was too tall to fit under plane seats, thus leading to the birth of the Birkin. I love traveling with my Givenchy shopper; it weighs nothing and holds everything. Plus, functionality is Jane’s top rule for her bags, and this easy tote fits the bill, while Bambi adds that playfulness she appreciates. At Neiman Marcus for $1,225.

2. Tote: Mark Cross Manray Leather-Trimmed Rattan Tote
Consider this the chicest “basket” you can currently carry. It’s easy to throw all your gear into the boxy-tote shape, and rattan exudes effortless summer charm, much like a very bare Jane when the weather heated up. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,995.

3. Treasure: Hermès Taurillon Clemence Birkin
I am certain Jane would agree her namesake bag is a treasure, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to actually treasure it. Stomp on it, stick stickers all over it, hang charms and beads on it, or throw your dog or cat in it. Make it your own! The way she sees it, the more used (and abused), the better. That’s why this vintage edition from my favorite bag reseller, Fashionphile, will pass the Birkin stamp of approval. On Fashionphile for $9,850.

4. Clutch: Olympia Le-Tan Moonchild Embroidered Clutch
I may be wrong here, but this little book bag just screams Jane to me. The dreamy vibe (and plot of this 1917 novel) speaks to Jane’s sense of whimsy. Besides, our muse was often seen roaming around with an actual hardcover book in her hand. On Farfetch for $2,086.

5. Trendy: Miu Miu Fringe-Trimmed Leather Bucket Bag
iconAs the original ‘70s wild child, Jane sees fringe as a basic. But for this generation, it’s trendy. I’d be lying if I said Roger Vivier’s Mademoiselle de la Frange isn’t my current first choice for fringe, but since it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on online, I’ve opted for Miu Miu’s chocolate-brown bucket. Gleaming leather lends polish to a casual style that makes fringe look as natural and organic as Ms. Birkin does. On My Theresa for $1,690.






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