5 Pieces to Keep You Looking Cute in the Rain

A few years ago I got caught in the rain in Florence and bought an umbrella off the street. I faithfully toted it back to Texas and have been using it ever since. It only cost six euros, but it was the very best. And then it broke. That was when I realized that there’s nothing cute about having to commute in the rain. The chances of a hair or beauty disaster double (or triple, if you’re like me and have an ongoing battle to the death with frizz.)

After my fourth or fifth sprint from the car to the door I realized it was probably time to rethink my rainy day strategy, and I am now a woman obsessed. With the right accessories I can stay cute and rack up endless compliments. When it rains, it pours.


FLEUR DU MAL PVC trench coat, $745


Moncler Ginette Stivale Logo Rain Boots, $425


Bernardo Women’s Paxton Rain Bow Rain Booties, $145


R13 Tuck In Trench Coat, $595


Ruslan Baginskiy Leather Baker Boy Cap, $381



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