7 Beauty Products You Didn’t Think Of But Are Totally Necessary


I’ve been in a rut lately. I have followed Vogue beauty editor, Jenna Rennert, for months now and it’s always so juicy to see all of the new products that come to her desk everyday and to watch her play. I decided to do a bit of investigative work on my own and assembled cool products that have completely altered the game for my everyday routine! Here are a few of the most unbeatable beauty products on the market:


S.Oil (available for $68)


S.Oil (translation: serum + oil) is a luxury hair product that downright changes the game. I’m a sucker for a good PR team and when I started seeing this oil all over my Instagram feed a few months ago, I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the splurge. S.Oil is a pre-shower oil/serum that gives your hair super nutrients and my hair has never felt healthier or looked shinier! I have received so many compliments since there has been a VERY noticeable difference. The company uses 100% all natural ingredients and the smell is simply divine.


Fur Oil (available for $44)

Now I’ve been dying to try this stuff. Ever since I heard Emma Watson uses it in her bathtub routine religiously, I knew it had to be superb and BOY was I right. An oil that thoroughlly heals your lady flower, downstairs, vajeen (however you prefer to say it) and has the invigorating scent of lemongrass! It also targets those pesky ingrown hairs and works on your underarms, chest, and yes your hubby’s beard (SCORE for both of you)!


Function of Beauty (available for $30-$40)


Function of Beauty is a customizable hair shampoo + conditioner company! You start out by going to their website and taking a short hair quiz. It asks you your hair type, texture and five hair goals. You then get to choose your colors and your scent (don’t worry, they have dye-free and fragrance-free options). I really wasn’t sure how I was going to like mine, as I am not a hair pro whatsoever. Once I was using it, I feel I could genuinely see my hair goals coming into place. It feels like such a luxury shampoo/conditioner combo but it’s such an outstanding price for what it is. They also label the bottle with your name…. seriously, how cute.  No doubt a must try!


Elle Effect Self-Tanner (available for $37)

Skin Cancer is a no-go for me and I think that goes for just about everyone. I fight so hard to avoid sun exposure but I can’t help but want the most natural looking tan. Australian babe Elle Ferguson came out with her own line of self tanner and it’s 100% the best on the market right now. The mousse is so velvety and natural looking, and a little goes a long way.


Deowipes by Deodoc (available for $15)

Another lady product, but hey it’s important to love yourself down there too! The Intimate Deowipes are great for on the go freshening up, as they are also individually wrapped. The pH-balanced wipes help get rid of odor on your underarms, neck or chest as well!


The Original MakeUp Eraser (available for $20)

Serious. Life. Changer. WOW! I love this product. Is it even a “product” ? It’s a piece of cloth that you get wet with JUST WATER and it completely take off your makeup in one motion. No harsh scrubbing necessary! I haven’t bought makeup wipes or remover in months since I’ve switched to the MakeUp Eraser. It’s not only a money saver, but a skin saver. It’s so satisfying to feel clean with just water after taking my makeup off and then being set for my skin cleansing routine. Just throw it in the laundry with your towels after every few uses and voila!! I can’t recommend this enough.


Slip Silk Pillow Case (available for $85)


Did you know that we spend a third of our life in bed? Might as well make sure you’re ACTUALLY getting the beauty sleep you deserve. Slip silk pillowcase won’t steal your expensive face creams at night the way that cotton fibers do. This pillow case is anti-aging, anti-sleep crease AND anti-bedhead. It’s delightful to know that I am working on my beauty game even when I am in bed. This pillow case also preserves your blow outs for longer, which is a definite plus!!! I can’t sleep without mine.

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