Going Rainbow on Rainbow with Everything from makeup to fashion to jewelry

Rainbow everything continues to be a huge trend and it works particularly well with jewelry. Stephanie Gottlieb has an amazing selection of options. When it comes to beauty, however, things can be a little trickier – and when it comes to matching rainbow fashion with rainbow clothing, even trickier than that!  Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics suggests working rainbow on rainbow via strategic texture and fabric choices, like mesh or sequins. “I would also leave your rainbow colors to your accessories or shoes – something further away from the face – for example a simple plain blouse or t shirt with bottoms and a bright pair or shoes or handbag or piece of jewelry.” As for the makeup itself she suggests focusing on the eyes.

“Apply a nice neutral base to the lids with either eye primer or concealer and set with powder, so you have a blank canvas to work with. Starting from the inside of the eye start applying your lightest shade – I’d start with a matte red. From there continue to transition smoothly from shade to shade – after red, moving to orange and then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet making sure the transition is smooth and edges are blended, you can even incorporate a transition shade into the crease to keep it nice and seamless. Follow the same color pattern on the lower lash line, line with black liner and add mascara.”

She then suggests pairing that rainbow eye look with a glossy skin and a nude lip. “This will keep the look modern and chic. If you find it difficult for your rainbow colors to show their true pigment layer them on top of white, either a white base or white eyeliner works really well.” And then I suggest splurging on some Stephanie Gottlieb pieces!

Images: Vogue

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