this is the coolest mascara wand you’ve ever seen

If you read this blog you’re probably on the same page of beauty products being endlessly fun to play with. New colors…amazing packaging…that feeling of being so down and taking a shower, doing your hair, putting on some makeup and suddenly feeling like things aren’t as awful as you thought just an hour before. With all of that said, there really isn’t all that much innovation – not even with skincare – and when something is billed as innovative, it’s usually all marketing fluff. The IMMACULASH 360 is actually innovative! So excuse in advance all the exclamation points here…! This wand is amazing and should be on Shark Tank because Lori could do amazing things with itIt’s a dual wand applicator that works to deliver color and volume, but also to separate lashes without clumps (those clumps always lead to me loosing precious lashes when I remove makeup!). Obviously the wand looks cool and different, but it actually works which is why it’s worth all the exclamation points (!). I was worried I’d hit my brows or poke my eyes, but that’s not a concern. The color and volume come from hitting the lashes from both the top and the bottom (I think most people are like me and typically just coat one side).

Let me explain.

The wand work together or individually. You can use them separately like regular wands – the thin one is perfect for small lashes/corners, while the big one for the bulk of your lashes. But what you really want to do, is use them together. To use them together just place your top lashes between them and move your wrist outwards (like chopsticks or a flat iron) so you get the lashes from both sides. There’s a side button to bring the wands together or open them. I use the wands together and then just flip them around to use them individually if I need more coverage for specific area.

The only thing I wish is that the packaging had a built-in mirror for on-the-go. I have a feeling if it did a lot more women would use this in public and sales would go up, up, up….

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