Debloat with these ACV Snacks (**they’re addicting)

Most women will do anything to mitigate bloated…including downing spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar on the daily. Personally….I can’t quite go that far, but I am totally addicted to Lesser Evil’s Apple Cider Vinegar crunchy snacks (side note: their popcorns are amazing too and put my SkinnyPop addiction to shame). I’m not saying munching on these will be as good for your belly as mixing ACV in your salad or your water (obviously), but when I munch on chips, puffs, or popcorns I try to optimize as best I can because I know I’m going to be eating more than one serving. These have pure ingredients, fiber and, as mentioned, ACV. I did wonder if I say….eat the whole big bag…is that enough to replace a spoon of ACV? Again, I know that in terms of calories, fat, and salt it’s way better to just eat a spoon of ACV, but like many women (I assume) that isn’t quite so appealing!

With that in mind I turned to Certified Nutrition Consultant and Naturopathic Doctor, Luisa Szakacs of Marpe Nutrition, to find out.

What are the health/beauty benefits of ACV?

For those of you who want to look and stay healthy, the old motto “You are what you eat” certainly holds true. The updated version of that is “You are what your body can assimilate”. The outside “you” is merely a reflection of what the inside “you” is, and how you absorb and assimilate the nutrients makes you who you are.

Eating the right foods are key for overall long-term health and beauty. If your food isn’t assimilated properly, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), can make a significant difference. ACV contains the acetic acid that is excellent at supporting the digestive process. If your body has trouble digesting foods, including concerns such as bloating or burping, drinking 2-3 tablespoons a day can alleviate your symptoms.  This will give you a healthy digestive system, lead to long-term health, and well-being.

We suggest to our clients that when they drink the ACV, be mindful to rinse your teeth promptly afterward because ACV can be detrimental to tooth enamel over time.

How much ACV do you need to potentially see results and after how long can you expect them?

There are multiple ways to drink ACV. You can drink it by itself in a shot glass, add it to 8 oz of water, or add to hot water and make a tea with some honey.  My kids like it with orange or apple juice. If you would rather not drink your ACV, toss on a salad as a dressing or in soup. I like to add ACV to my chicken salad, stir-fry, and smoothies.  It does not matter how you get it in, just be sure to get it in. Start small with one teaspoon per day, and gradually work up to 2-3 tbs. A few days after you start, you will likely start to feel the benefits of your new routine.

There are so many food products now made with ACV. How do the benefits compare to drinking it ‘straight up’?

Other products on the market do contain this vinegar, which is fine to use, but you still want to add additional ACV to your daily diet. Other health uses of ACV straight up can be: diluted ACV as a skin toner, ACV on warts and cover with a band aid, apply to feet if any traces of toenail fungus. If you wonder if you will smell like a salad all day – the good news is ACV’s odor quickly dissipates after your skin dries.

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