Three Easy Updos for summer

It’s easy to just throw hair up in a bun and call it a day when it’s hot and sticky. That’s fine most days, but there are also many occasions where that quickie style doesn’t make the cut. For alternatives that don’t take up too much time or require too many products, I turned to hairstylist Ashleigh Moore at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa. See below for two standout updos and one half-up/half-down look.

Moore’s Stylist Tip: “Use different color hair bands or add accessories such as clips/pins and head scarves to make each style your own.” I’m personally obsessed with this Dorit clip look.

Half Up Bubble Braid

“Make sure the hair is combed through. Apply Paul Labrecque Daily Style Firm Hold Gel all over for an all-day natural looking firm hold. Next, section off the top portion of the hair and make into a ponytail just below the crown. Split the ponytail into two. Tease under the top section. Comb the ponytail smooth. Place a hairband roughly 2-3 inches from the top of the pony and pinch out the hair to form a ‘bubble’. Continue to place hair bands down the ponytail until about 3 inches of the ponytail remains. Tousle hair with Paul Labrecque’s Color Finish Polish.”

Twisted Bun

“Using Paul Labrecque’s Daily Finish Texture Balm, evenly distributed throughout the hair to shape and add definition with a gloss finish. Using a boar bristle brush, brush hair smooth to eliminate flyway’s. Section the hair into two sections from the center of one ear to the other. Place the top section into a ponytail. Just above the hairband, split the hair in half and pull the end of the ponytail through to create a twist. Combine the bottom section with the ponytail in your hands. Just above the hairband (as before), split the hair and pull the end of the combined ponytail through. Using bobby pins, pin and tuck any loose pieces.  Finish the look with a headband and use Paul Labrecque’s Repair Finish to take frizz.”

Double Ponytail

“Using Paul Labrecque’s Curly Style, distribute evenly through the hair. Divide the hair into two sections going from the top of one ear to the crown to the top of the other ear. Take the bottom section and place into ponytail at the crown of the head. Take the top section and place it into a ponytail right above the first pony that was made. Pin the top ponytail out of the way. With the bottom pony, tease the top section and pin at the base. Let down the top ponytail. Tease underneath and then pin at the base. Take small section of the top ponytail and wrap it around the hairband to hide it. Comb out both ponytails to combine them. Finish with Paul Labrecque’s Repair Style Hydrating Lotion to add bounce and shine.”

Top image: Vogue

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  1. July 25, 2019 / 2:41 am

    Double ponytail i like the most. Nice blog…Keep going!

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