Shark Tank Find: Sand Cloud

When I got a Sand Cloud towel, pictured above, as a gift I was confused. How is this a towel? It looks like a throw, a long scarf, a sarong, a wrap, or a blanket (it actually can be used as all of these things), not something that could actually absorb any real water. I showed it to my husband who is Israeli and he looked at me completely bewildered…all Israelis use these when they go to the beach he exclaimed! Turned out not only are these types of hand woven Turkish cotton towels relatively absorbent despite how thin they are, their light weight makes them perfect for travel (especially when you’re also toting around a big cooler with booze and watermelon…).

Sand Cloud stands out from other brands doing this because of the sheer number of prints they have from classic to trend-driven ones like tie-dye and for the fact that they donate part of their profits to preserve oceans and marine life. Quality-wise I can’t personally tell much of a difference between the Sand Cloud towel I have and the $15 one my husband showed me, but Sand Cloud certainly looks better. It’s also worth noting that the brand was on Shark Tank and made a deal with Robert and they’ve since expanded into other eco-conscious items like reef-safe sunscreen, metal straws, and reusable water bottles, all of which are fitting given that today is Labor Day. Happy holidays everyone!

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