A Frédéric Fekkai Stylist On The Perfect Urban Summer Hair Look

When I’m in Israel there’s no way I’m wearing my hair down. It’s so humid, hair becomes a frizzy mess no matter how much product you’ve applied or hair straightening you’ve done.  That’s why I love this sweet, summer ponytail from Phillipe Barr, the creative director at Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach. I actually happen to have recently stayed at the hotel – The Brazilian Court – where the Fekkai salon is located in Palm Beach, but didn’t get a chance to check it out, but it’s a nice salon and you can order snacks from the Boulud restaurant also located in the hotel. But back to the subject at hand: the hair look!

To get the above style, the night before, use a deep conditioner all over your hair. If you have a steam pod, you can use it to lock in the moisture and have your hair straight. Afterwards, rinse out the conditioner very well – then rinse again. Next, Barr says to blow dry  hair and, once it’s dry, apply a little sun protection to the hair with Fekkai Pré-Soleil Hair Mist to give it a healthy sheen that’s not too glossy (it’s also important to note for those that don’t wash their hair every day, that the mist won’t leave a sticky residue). “Following the angle of your cheekbones, tie your hair up in a simple, high ponytail. Take a small strap and wrap it around to hide the ponytail holder, leaving a few pieces of hair to frame your face.” The hair mist will also protect hair from the damaging effects of UV rays so hair color will stay healthy and bright.


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