A fun alternative to the tie-dye trend sweeping instagram

By now you’ve likely seen that the internet is obsessed with tie-dye. People are tie-dyeing everything from tees and hoodies, to socks (for charity!) and even high fiber cookies (admittedly, I’m obsessed with these). Not to mention that countless brands are stocking tie-dye items (love this set for quarantine, which is on sale right now and these sneakers). Even though I do love this fun, rainbow trend, at this point I’m bored of seeing by Instagram feed overrun by it so I went looking for an alternative. Little did I know I would find my inspiration on an episode of Married at First Sight. One of the couples spent an evening bonding by making hand castings – and I’m obsessed. And no, you don’t need to be a couple or have a newborn to do this. Anyone can make a cast of their hands and use it as a decorative piece, a unique way to hold jewelry, or just a fun (not that messy) pastime. You can get kits online, which I suggest. I looked into sourcing all the items you need to make one of these casts on my own and it’s not easy to do. You need an alginate product, which is only available in large craft stores or medical/dental product stores – I did the research and didn’t think it would be worth the effort given the relatively affordable options on Amazon. You can keep it white or if you want to be really creative, you can paint it! Given how much free time we all have I would suggest going the extra mile and painting on some nail art…

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