A Lot To Say: Wearable Plastic Bottles


A few weeks ago I went to an Eco Luxe showcase at Rouge Tomate in NYC to learn more about some of the leading eco-minded companies (they had everything from beauty and fashion, to interior design and liquor brands in the showcase). One of the brands that stood-out most from the pack was a new Bay Area lifestyle brand called A Lot To Say. The brand produces the most environmentally progressive line of message apparel and lifestyle products on the market in the US today. Two sisters created the company in an effort to find the most sustainable and attainable eco-friendly methods of producing apparel, lifestyle, and accessory products and their research efforts led them to recycled polyester RPET fabrics and materials, a new waterless dying process called Air Dye, and local manufacturers who could keep 100% of A Lot To Say’s products made in the USA. Based in Danville, CA. A Lot To Say now produces tees, hoodies, totes, scarves and umbrellas that are made ENTIRELY from recycled water bottles (how crazy is that!!), reduce production water consumption by 95%, power consumption by 70%, and green house emissions by 86%.

The pieces in the line are super soft and are especially great for lounging/working-out. Learn more here.

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