Aerin’s New Beach Cream


Aerin is launching a bunch of new products for Summer 2013 (not to mention that she has just come out with shoes and jewelry….girl is on a roll…). I have to say I was on the fence at first thinking the line was very similar to Estee Lauder only more expensive, but she’s won me over not only with the quality of her products, but with her packaging. She’s taken a page from Tom Ford and gone for sleek and understated for the most part and the result is some truly vanity-worthy finds. Of course it’s not all show, the quality of the products are great (little surprise given how much money there is for research and development…), and among the most notable new launches is her Beach Cream For Hair and Body ($45). This lightly scented lotion imparts a slight bronzy shimmer to skin, but also doubles as a heat-activated deep conditioner (it’s meant to be applied on damp hair). Love the packaging; it’s so Hamptons Pucci-esque but in a non-tacky way, right!?

Click here to see all of Aerin’s new Summer beauty finds.

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