AERIN Hibiscus Palm: The Scent of Summer

Hello Monday. Are you working in the office like me?! So hard to focus on work when Summer is in full swing! Not that I need to remind you, I mean, how can we not notice?! Our Instagram timelines are flooded with envy inducing (at times annoying but only when I’m stuck in the office and not the one showing off ) sun-drizzled beach shots. My answer to beach FOMO? Wear a cute summery dress to the office and spritz on a heavy dose of my favorite new summer fragrance- AERIN‘s Hibiscus Palm.  A blend of Lotus florals and Hibiscus palm peppered with ginger and ylang- it literally smells like summer at the beach on a tropical island! I would know as I was lounging about on said beach at the launch of this fragrance with Aerin herself earlier this year. Now whenever I wear the scent (which is daily) I’m instantly transported back to lazy days of sipping coconuts on the beach and tequila infused sunsets.

I even keep the roller ball version in my make up bag (great for traveling!) for touch ups through out the day. Layer it with Hibiscus Palm body cream for the best way to keep summer with you all day, everyday, no matter where you are!

Have you tried the new scent? I promise you’ll love it. Stop by an AERIN counter on your way home from work today and get a sample!




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