Affordable products that feel luxe

There are some products – like Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel – that anyone could justify splurging on, but for the most part if you’re on a budget there are plenty of effective products that don’t cost a fortune. These days you don’t even have to sacrifice on looks! Here are products that look way more luxe than their price tag suggests!

Georgette Klinger Coconut Facial Mist ($9) – coconut often smells artificial, but this mist is refreshing, especially now that temperatures are heating up. And I’m loving the metallic packaging that all of the brand’s products have!

For affordable beauty, Yes To is my absolute favorite. I’ve tried dozens of their products and everything is great and you can rely on them for only making things that are free of toxic ingredients.

The founder of Yes To recently launched a new brand and everything is $3! Called Brandless, they’ve taken the Trader Joe’s approach and managed to make it cool to not pay premium for a brand.

As if it wasn’t great enough news that Bliss was relaunching, they relaunched as an affordable line at Target.

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