Agent Provocateur Body Glamour


Agent Provocateur Body Glamour ($40) was one of those products I just had to have despite a seriously foul smell that I knew would refrain me from ever using the product. Has anyone else ever fallen victim to cute packaging? I just loved the shape of the bottle and the signature pink and black color-combo works so well I knew this would look fab in my bathroom! Of course, I’m kicking myself for needlessly spending $40 (though for Agent Provocateur isn’t that kiiind of a bargain?), because it takes up room on my already cluttered bathroom counter-top. It’s too bad that all of Agent Provocateur’s products smell like cheap granny perfume, (even their pink tissues that come in a sleek black box with sexy messages like Desire Me printed on both the box and the tissues themselves, are scented with this scent that just makes my stomach turn), because I truly love everything about the way these products look! On a side note, I find their bras similarly to look fab, so I buy them often even though they feel cheaply made and more so then not, end-up itching me to the point where I can’t wear them or they seem to fall apart easily. Someone help AP so I don’t continually have buyer’s remorse!

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