Alejandro Ingelmo Crystal Crosby Wedge: The Heels Have It


Stilettos that can cut through glass are sure to seduce, but a wedge that has envy-inducing allure in spades? That’s no small feat. While his pumps go with absolutely everything, Alejandro Ingelmo has a magical and atypical touch when it comes to the wedge heel. Perhaps that ultra-high height has something to do with (these come in at about 6”), particularly when it’s combined with such dangerous curves. Thank goodness for a built-in platform, which eases that ambitious angle. But we all know it’s about the shine. This rendition of the Crosby, which also comes in plain leather form, is a stunner because it’s got enough sparkle to light the Vegas strip in a black out. And these aren’t just any crystals – they are pyramid-shaped and artfully arranged for maximum depth and fascinating texture. So if people forget to look you in the eyes when they see you, don’t be offended. On Forward by Elyse Walkericon for $878 (from $1,350).

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