Alex Toys “All That Glitters” Wristlet: Little Hands, Statement Bags


I don’t have a daughter, so I really can’t judge, but tell me: is it appropriate for a tot to tote around a thousand-dollar bag? Angelina’s and Zahara’s mommy-and-me Valentino purses are cute, but entirely over-the-top. Still, if I had been blessed with a little girl, who knows what would have ended up in her hands – a mini-Birkin, perhaps? (Luckily, I’m the mom of an adorable boy who only cares about bags that hold his soccer ball and Bakugan toys.) You don’t need to spend a fortune for your posh tot to look cute (same goes for adults, actually). The Alex Toy metallic wristlet is a whimsical accessory for your girlie-girl. And with colorful flower appliqués that can be buttoned and layered, it will also keep her occupied. I like messenger bags on tots but worry they’ll get tangled in them; shoulder bags are just too much for little ones. The wristlet is your answer! And, for now, save the Valentino for yourself. At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $16.

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