Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Collection: Space Oddities

When it comes to Alexander McQueen, you wouldn’t be able to call yourself a snob if you didn’t expect the otherworldly, eccentric, and mind-boggling. At the same time, their shoes usually tend to be wearable – and palatable. Now, for Fall 2012, things have taken a truly bizarre turn.

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry! Sarah Burton said she was going for shapes that would “explode” on the body for this collection, and, well, mission accomplished. While ultra-poufy bursts of shaggy fur and ostrich feathers work well when it comes to bold collars and belted coats, I can’t say the effect is the same for footwear. The angles are intriguing to say the least, and the sense of sculptural artistry is undeniable. But I like to wear my McQueen, not just envision it in an exhibition at the Guggenheim. Feathers drifting out of heel-less curves might look ethereal on the runway, but I don’t exactly want to see these in real life. Especially the Mongolian lamb bootie – is that a wig for the feet?

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