Alexander McQueen Runway Platform: You Better Work!

Here is what you have been waiting for. Drumroll, please: the most badass shoe of the season. It’s none other than McQueen, as if you needed to ask. Combining all the right elements that make any shoe snob see stars, where shall I begin? It has a rail-thin stiletto, moderate platform with a tough-girl lug sole, peep-toe countered by rugged yet futuristic seams, cutouts galore to show off your sexy feet, a band of hardware because any desirable shoe needs some jewelry of it’s own, and bondage-inspired buckles to top it all off. If that sounds like too, too much, just look again: this not only pleases the eyes, it is the one and only shoe you need in order to update your wardrobe this season.

I have a friend who splurges on one insanely fabulous shoe each season and wears it with everything. Thanks to Alexander McQueen, I’m kind of liking her logic! This, ladies, would be that very shoe. Ask not what you’re wearing, but what you’re shoe can do for you! In this case, it doesn’t matter what dress you slid into – this shoe will pull it all together for you! Call 212-872-8940 or e-mail Eddie Curtis to order!

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