Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack: You Just Got Played

Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack

This one requires me to start with a disclaimer: the only reason this number isn’t a “rag bag” is because the ultimate Gym Snob who uses this strictly to carry her spare trainers and a fresh T-shirt could do this backpack justice. Napa deerskin is butter-soft and tactile, but let’s be real: 700 bucks for a glorified drawstring sack? I could think of about seven hundred better uses for that money, and not a single one of them involves pull-cord closure.

I don’t need to tell you I usually fully support Alex Wang’s inherently streetwise aesthetic and that I’ve appreciated what he’s done with his short time thus far at Balenciaga (that is, fuse a bit of his own aesthetic with a whole lot of the house of Balenciaga’s original mood into the designs). I get it; Wang is saying that simple and sporty is cool, even worthy of a legit bag price tag.

In the age of Nike Force Ones and Adidas Stan Smiths parked front-row at fashion shows, there’s nothing unacceptable about a designer riff on the nylon athletic sack. That is, if exercise is actually on your day’s agenda and you identified with Sporty Spice much more than Posh, once upon a time in 1997. What do you think: does this pack deserve to get sacked? Alexander Wang gym sack available for pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman for $695 (expect delivery by August 8th).

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